Personal Development | February 12, 2022

“Your relationships are trash because you don’t have a good one with yourself”

Vanessa Wilson

Most people aren’t in love, they’re in codependence. Many people aren’t partners, they’re cohabitants. Many relationships suffer and die from trust issues because there’s no faith in God. Infidelity exists because people cheat on themselves.

The most sustainable way to achieve healthy, respectful and mature relationships is by, you guessed it… starting with the one with yourself.

Our relations are reflections. Not just the sex, intimate, romantic relationships. The relationships with our children, business partners, parents, pets, health, appearance, business, etc. etc.

When you create a respectful, honorable relationship with your Self, these boundaries are naturally reflected through your relationships with others. When you don’t respect your own boundaries, budgets, and time, why should anyone else?

When you don’t honor your own commitments, goals, and practices, why should anyone listen to you? You clearly don’t even listen to you. Why should any respect you?

When you keep saying “imma lose this weight,” “imma change my habits,” “imma stop ordering out,” “imma leave this job,” “imma leave this nigga,” “imma book that flight,” “imma start _____ next week,” but actually don’t do it, you literally lose respect for yourself, which sends an energetic invitation for others to disrespect you. This results in relational conflict, like arguments, fights, escapism, resentment, and dishonesty.

A healthy relationship will not be sustained in an environment that holds that energy.

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Build a better relationship with yourself. Start here.

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