How To Create A Safe Space

Personal Development | February 12, 2022

“Know Thy Self, HealThy Self”

All points back to center. There is no true center of the body. There is only center of focus. Anxiety is ungroundedness. Sometimes you do need to vibrate lower to return to center.

Affirm that you will find/ create safe spaces everywhere you are and everywhere you are. A safe space can look like a person, a book, an experience, an opportunity, a place on the map, an orgasm within an organism, a breath, a deep breath, a tear drop, a hug, a message, an unexpected blessing, a miracle.

Affirm a safe space and then create the space to receive it. What you’re asking for requires a place to conceive.

Ask your Self, “what am I birthing?” “what am I surrendering to?”

Arin Falls, Peru

These questions may invite a feeling that you identify as “anxiety.” The first thing you can do it rename it and recognize it as an opportunity to ground back into the present moment. Take a deep grounding breath.

Each breath is a risk of death and a chance to live. The cycle of the breath involves 3 components.

  • Inhale
  • Space between
  • Exhale

Inhale the intention to live, surrender the space between, and exhale the inevitable.

If you need help surrendering to the present moment and desire to build a different relationship with anxiety and fear, I am offering 1:1 personal/ spiritual development mentorship.

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