Vanessa Wilson


My name Vanessa Wilson is a 28 years young entrepreneur born & raised in Queens, New York. Eye am all things wholistic and Self. I emerged as a first time business owner of the Veganease LLC, in Sept 2019.”

About Veganease?

“I will always be an advocate for following your heart and nothing else. Well first you gotta get your heart right. You can’t be out here wronging people and doing bad business. It’ll bite you and all that you love. I know at least one person reading this is like “ uhhh what this gotta do with vegan food, I’m hungry!” My response? Uhhhh, everything. You are exactly not only WHAT you eat but HOW you eat. What you consume (through all of your senses, not just orally), consumes you. 

One of my favorite teachers, Billy Carson, talks about Brain-Heart Coherence, in relation to expanding our awareness over our own life experience, doing it richly and effortlessly. I concur. One of my favorite hacks to mastering this concept is treating the body (all physically parts and systems) as a programmable computer. By inputting intentional, heartFELT organized chaos to be sorted & understood ( by way of FOOD, music, breath, raw elements), the brain will compute the next best rational, balanced & simplest answer to the equation.

Sounds easy, right? Although, simple is a term more fitting, it actually gets easier. Lead with the heart, the brain will follow. 

Another life hack is to PAY attention to your daily habits. Get to know what and who is TAKING YOUR time. How much is giving too much? Set boundaries with your time because your daily habits, WILL make you or keep breaking you, until you can’t cry broke no more. Your dreams are on the other side of consistency. 

See where I’m going? It’s all connected my love. 

Veganease LLC began as a local plant based meal prep service, offering fresh vegetable dishes revered as comfort food. This journey began as a solo venture and ever so quickly expanded to the household brand it is now. 

Veganease & Co. is a lifestyle brand. Our goal is to encourage self-sufficiency & environmental sustainability within the black community. Our mission is to uplift, rebuild & restore the God body & spirit across nations.